Garden furniture and Pellets

Production (CED) in Cesis specialises in the production of fencing, outdoor furniture, cladding, terrace components, wooden pool timber structures and glue laminated step strings, and about 95% of its production is sold to France, Great Britain, Norway and Iceland.

In parallel with our core operations, we also produce high quality wood pellets made from pure clean spruce and pine shavings. These guarantee the highest heat output and low ash content that offer both very clean burning and low maintenance. Our high quality wooden pellets are tested and approved by the Austrian Quality Standards ENplus.

Our Mission is to be a strong and confident long-term partner to all our clients and suppliers, as well as a reliable employer to all of our employees.


In late 2007 CED Ltd. invested in new technology – tanker equipped with pneumatic delivery system. Starting with 2008 CED Ltd. offers a new service for domestic house and industrial heating systems – wood pellets delivery with pneumatic unloading.

Heating with wood pellets is continuously growing market in Latvia. Many households and centralized heating systems prefer to use pellets instead of traditional heating materials, but new heating materials require different kind of stove.

Wood pellets are suitable for automated burning in specialised wood pellet stoves because the pellets are consistent in size, energy content, and moisture levels. Wood pellet stoves are usually about 80-90% efficient. Because they are so efficient pellet stoves make very little ash – 2% or less of the volume of pellets burnt become ash.

CTB B+ treatment

Byko-Lat is the only company in Baltic States which has CTB B+ certificate. The certificate is issued by CTB, the French certification company engaged in certification of chemical treatment equipment and treatment products. The certificate confirms that Byko-Lat is in full control of the pressure treatment applied to its timber.

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