BYKO-LAT is one of the largest and most efficient timber processing companies in Latvia:

  • We operate two production plants located in north-eastern Latvia. The plant in Valmiera is on a plot spanning approximately 25 ha, and the second plant in Cesis covers an area of 13 ha.
  • The monthly production capacity of our sawn timber plant in Valmiera reaches 8 000 m³.
  • BYKO-LAT permanently stocks 20 000 m³ of timber at its warehouses.
  • We employ over 200 employees.
  • BYKO-LAT is regularly among the top 500 Latvian companies in terms of annual turnover.
  • The major export markets for BYKO-LAT include the United Kingdom, Iceland, the Netherlands, France and Norway.

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BYKO–LAT is one of the largest employers in the north-eastern Latvian region of Vidzeme. The Company has over 200 employees in the vicinity of Valmiera and Cēsis.

The latest economic forecasts suggest that Latvian wood processing companies, including BYKO-LAT, will experience an increase in competitiveness along with the subsiding of the economic crisis. The company therefore aims to not only maintain its current number of employees, but also create new work places in coming years.

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