The following certifications confirm the superior quality of BYKO-LAT operations and products:

"CE" – a certificate of conformity with regard to production process control
Certificate conforms that product fulfils the essential requirements of Standard: LVS EN 14081-1:2005+A1:2011”Timber structures. Strength classified structural timber with rectangular cross-section. Part 1: General requirements”.

Icelandic Quality Certificate
This is a certification confirming that the plant producing timber windows and doors, as well as aluminium windows has fulfilled all the necessary production control requirements. The plant conducts quality inspections on a regular basis.

"CE" – a certificate of conformity for production process control of our window and door production
Inspecta Latvia is an international company providing inspection, testing and certification of industrial equipment, products and working environment. The certificate issued by this company confirms initial evaluation and approval of the production process control. The certificate means our products and production units meet EU standards for consumer safety, health and environmental requirements.

FSC ®  (FSC-C020146) – a label certifying responsible forest management

FSC ®  (FSC-C020146) certification is a process during which a certified, independent and competent certifier evluaates whether the management of the specific forest or production organization within the specific company complies with the predefined requirements of the FSC standard. The Latvian FSC standard is developed by the Latvian Forest Certification Council.

"CTB B+" – a certificate confirming quality of the timber treatment
The certificate is issued by CTB, the French certification company engaged in certification of chemical treatment equipment and treatment products. The certificate confirms that BYKO-LAT is in full control of the pressure treatment applied to its timber.

"CE" – a certificate of conformity with regard to production process control
The certificate has been issued for the production of coniferous sawn timber products used for wooden constructions. This certificate confirms that experts from the BM TRADA Certification Ltd have conducted inspection of the plant and products, and that they provide supervision and evaluation of product control on a regular basis.

Certificate of visually graded timber tiling batten
This certificate confirms that the visually graded timber tiling batten meet the requirements of the BM TRADA Certification scheme.


SIA „Byko-Lat” has received approval to mark preservative – treated products of European redwood in wood preservation classes A and AB with the Nordic quality label NTR A and NTR AB 

Wood packaging material thermal process certification

Certificate issued to company below by BM TRADA CERTFICATION certifies that the technology of thermal processing of wooden  material and the process quality assurance conforms to the International Standards For Phytosanitary Measures No. 15 (ISPM 15

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